24 Greek God Of Discord

24 Greek God Of Discord. Greek god and goddess rp server where you get to choose to be a god or goddess decent and work your way to godhood (many more options to choose from) we offer you a kind and helpful. Greek's content consists of variety gaming and irl streams.

Magic in These Hills: Eris and Her Shiny Golden Apple from 2.bp.blogspot.com

The greek gods, thought to be mere myths and legends, emerged from their otherworldly home and returned to earth. Greekgodx is the face of twitch and tsm content creator. Greek god of wind greek form of aeolus.

Her roman equivalent is discordia, which means the same.

24 Greek God Of Discord. Find and join some awesome servers listed here! She was responsible for tossing the golden apple among athena, aphrodite and hera, she lives to create dissension and randomness, and she was gloriously brought to life in the recent 'sinbad' film from. She played her part in the causes of. In one of her most famous exploits, she stole one of the golden apples of immortality, given to hera as a wedding present by gaia, and turned it into the sour apple of discord.

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