24 Flag Of The Netherlands

24 Flag Of The Netherlands. These colors are a modified of the orange, white and blue used during the dutch republic in the 17th century. During national mourning and other times of sadness, the tricolor of netherlands is flown at half staff in order to show honor.

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2:3 (not formalised by law) adopted: The dutch example of new and old in one city. 1575 (first full color depiction) 1596 (red replacement for orange) 1937 (red reaffirmed) 1949 (colors standardized) design:

The flag proportions (width:length) are 2:3.the first stadtholder, or ruler, of the dutch republic was william of.

24 Flag Of The Netherlands. Current flag of netherlands with a history of the flag and information about netherlands country. A horizontal triband of red (bright vermilion), white. It is the oldest tricolor flag still in national use. The flag of the netherlands is a red, white, and blue horizontal tricolor that was officially adopted on february 19, 1937, but has been used since the 1700s.

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