22+ How To Draw A Nice Butterfly

22+ How To Draw A Nice Butterfly. These circles are the butterfly's fore wings. Then start drawing and follow this simple step by step tutorial, it's only six steps!

How to draw an illustration of a butterfly from www.how-to-draw-funny-cartoons.com

Draw a long oval as a guide for the butterfly's body. How to draw a butterfly step by step: In this class we will draw a beautiful butterfly fluttering around the flowers on a sunny summers day.

Then it will become easy for you to draw a sketch of butterfly.

22+ How To Draw A Nice Butterfly. For this draw a circle which serves as head of the butterfly. Draw two curved lines starting just under the head and going to the upper left and right. Please pause the how to draw a butterfly video after each step to draw at your own pace. Use the curved lines of the abdomen for reference.

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