22+ Greek Goddess Discord

22+ Greek Goddess Discord. Godchecker guide to eris, the greek goddess of discord from greek mythology. Discord often helps ares in his plans against hercules.

Ερισ (Eris) – Ancient Greek Gods and Heroes from fc04.deviantart.net

Her name is the equivalent of latin discordia, which means discord. The official page with all updates for the live action feature film greek goddess and the graphic novel it is based off of. Eris is the greek goddess of strife and discord.

Despite their immortality and similarities to modern day superheroes, they are still plagued with personal flaws and.

22+ Greek Goddess Discord. The goddess discord/discordia however has made quite a few appearances both in comics, in various adaptations of the iliad, as a. The dwarf planet eris is named after the. Eris is the greek goddess of strife and discord. In greek mythology, eris (also known as discordia) was the goddess of chaos and discord and the personification of strife.

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