21+ Armor Of God For Children

21+ Armor Of God For Children. Then have the children draw the armor pieces on their body outline as you explain them. Using a jousting tournament theme for the lesson about the sword … the children had soooo much fun learning all about the armor god wants us to be wearing.

A Family Needs Your Help-(Princess Training and Armor of … from 2.bp.blogspot.com

I would suggest however reading through it and presenting the information in your own way. Then compare the use of these special protective items when we go hiking to putting on the full armor of god described in the bible to protect us from evil. Armor of god for kids chart.

Children can then tape their piece of armor in the correct place to the soldier that the teacher has drawn on a large piece of poster board.

21+ Armor Of God For Children. Before playing, children will need items that represent the armor pieces, which are then worn during the game. Ask the children what types of things satan uses today to try to wound or kill us spiritually. As with all scripture, the best way to explain it to children is to keep it simple and to avoid deep theological discussion that would confuse a child. The armor of god is a great passage of scripture to teach to children.

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