20+ Greek Gods Of The Sky

20+ Greek Gods Of The Sky. In greek mythology, uranus was the god of the sky. Chaos , the nothingness from which all else sprang, she also represented the lower atmosphere which surrounded the earth.

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To get the complete overview of who they are and how many they are read more. King of the gods, god of the sky and thunder. The three major greek gods are poseidon, the god of the water and sea, hades, the god of the underworld and darkness, and zeus, king of the gods, and the zeus, the greek god of the sky.

Some say he was conceived by gaia, who would become his wife, while others say that he was the son of aether and gaia.

20+ Greek Gods Of The Sky. Greek mythology family tree connections, consorts, parents. His weapon was a thunderbolt that he threw at those who made him angry. Dione in greek mythology was a greek goddess primarily known as the mother of aphrodite in book v of homer's iliad. King of the gods, god of the sky and thunder.

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