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Benefits of Re-establishing the Wolf Species in Colorado

Most of the animal’s species which were well known in the past have been rendered extinct through altering the environment. Every animal depends on the environment to provide the food to it but when the human activities has destroyed it, it means that no animal will survive. The animals’ habitation plays a greater role in ensuring that they give birth and multiply ensuring the continuity of the animal reserves.

The Colorado environment condition favored the multiplication of the gray wolf that was America’s natural heritage until they became extinct. Most of the people who were hunting the wolf species was a way to protect their animals, but it was due to not understanding the animals. However there has been the establishment of the wolf project that aims at helping people to understand the behavior, the ecology and the options in the attempt of re-establishing the gray wolf in Colorado.

The project can disseminate any scientific information about the wolves as well as the existing myths. The ranchers and the hunters are some of the people who can come close to the gray wolf, and the project has to teach them the effects they can bring and teach them to co-exist with the wolfs. The company also seeks to cultivate the enthusiasm among the people of Colorado on the return of the wolves.

The wolves are very peaceful creatures that avoid man at all costs, and no case of the wolves attack the human has been reported especially those in the rock mountain. Without the wolves, the natural balance in the ecosystem cannot be attained because there are animal species which will increase to an uncontrolled number because there are no predators and with the gray wolves back to Colorado than the balance in the ecosystem. At the ground like the rocky mountains of Colorado where the wolves exist if they are not there and the other species multiply it will mean that the grass and other vegetation will not grow.

As a way of making people accept the gray wolves they should pay for any damages that may be carried out by the wolves to prevent hunting and killing by the human. By accepting that wolves are not a human threat and taking an important step in the re-establishing them in the ecosystem will be a huge conservation achievement because it is protecting the animal species that are nearing extinction. It is time for the people to stop killing the wolves and see them as the important creatures that they are and co-exist well.

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