Tips for Developing a Healthy Relationship with Your Mentor

The circumstances that you are in will determine the type of metal that you need. The relationship that you have with your mentor will determine if the mentorship will be a success or a failure. Develop a beneficial relationship with your mentor using the following tips.

Know what you want and set clear goals and strategies on how you are going to achieve those goals before your approach a mentor. It is much easier when you have goals that you need a mentor to help you achieve them unlike when the mentor create goals for you because you will take them to heart.

Determine the hindrances that you have had to struggle with on your path. Due to the hindrances that you have been going through, they have made you look for a support system. You cannot approach a mentor if you do not know the challenges that you are facing because they may not be in a position to help in any way.

Determine the knowledge, expertise and skills that if you are to be empowered with you will be able to overcome the challenges. This will help you to find the appropriate mentor because you have to find someone who has their knowledge, expertise and skills that you’re looking for.

Choose a person who is making great progress in the area that you need to be mentored as your mentor. Someone who is struggling in the area that you need mentorship will not have time for you without the half there war to fight.

Find like-minded people to surround you by joining organizations, clubs and business associations where these people are most likely to be found. People open up to those who are close to them, therefore you need to get close to like-minded people for they will be more willing to share their experiences for you to learn from and provide you with alternative solutions to your problems. You have to be an active member of these organizations for you to be noticed and develop friendships with the other members.

Brand yourself with excellent communication skills and etiquette. People judge your personality and your upbringing depending on how you interact with them, therefore, prove to them that you belong to their team with communication skills and etiquette. Identify a potential mentor and be courageous enough to initiate conversations with the person for advice and take their contacts to book an appointment for more discussion later.

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