Shopping for the Best Mattresses in New Condition Is a Smarter Choice Than Buying Used

There are stores, yard sales and online sources where customers can buy used mattresses, but this generally isn’t such a good idea. People buy these items to save a little money and then tend to feel dissatisfied, with no option to return the product and no guarantee on comfort or mattress lifespan. Instead, for the best mattresses at affordable prices, consumers might consider Juna Sleep Systems.

Cleanliness Issues

No matter how clean a used mattress looks and smells, and no matter how much the seller insists it has only rarely been used, buyers simply cannot tell for sure whether this actually is the case. There still may be dead skin cells and bits of hair, along with bacteria and remnants of bodily fluids. Retail stores in most states have requirements by law about sanitizing used mattresses before selling them, so that at least is one consideration.


If the bedding was not laundered regularly, the mattress may have become home to more dust mites than would normally be the case. These microscopic critters and the waste they leave behind can be very difficult to eradicate. An allergy to dust mites is one of the more common causes of stuffy noses and wheezing.

An Alternative Point of View

Some people take the alternative point of view, pointing out that many individuals sleep on used mattresses frequently throughout the year. They stay in hotels and motels, and they sleep overnight at the homes of friends and relatives. This is a lot different than buying the product and sleeping on that same used object nearly every night, however. Friends and family are known and trusted, and people are typically willing not to think too much about the beds at lodging establishments.

Avoiding Potential Problems

When buying a new mattress from a company like Juna, the customer avoids all these potential problems. In addition, brand new mattresses from quality manufacturers generally have better materials and construction because of advancements in the industry. Consumers receive warranties, guarantees and customer service they can’t get when buying something used. For a good night’s sleep, this is a better decision.