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Guide to Managing Allegations Made against Employees.

Allegations complaints from employees are frequent issues that an employer has to deal with from time to time. Both the accused and the one claiming to have been harassed may give different accounts of the situation and without any eye witness, handling the allegation can be a little stressful. To minimise the risk of incurring cost for a legal proceedings, as an employer you need to deal with the problem fully. Dealing properly to an allegation will be effective if you don’t put too much trust on one party by believing one employee is too holy to make false acquisitions or deny. As an employee to deal with an allegation swiftly, below tips will be useful to consider.

Allegations are a serious offence and you wouldn’t want to jump into dismissing an employee or taking disciplinary measures to the employee without having proof the allegations are true. Call the two employees in your office one at a time to explain the situation as it happened. To identify contradicting statements by the employees, try an d ask questions like where and what the employees were at the time of the incidence. Since you wouldn’t want to lean much on a particular party, you should guarantee both parties that a fair investigation will be done to ascertain the truth in the allegations made. Consider hiring experienced investigators if the allegation being complained has been a rising issue made by many employees recently.

Most organisation have policy documents that illustrate procedures to be taken during certain events, use the document and follow the guidelines on dealing with employees complaints. Ensure the parties you select to carry out the investigations report to you with the findings as soon as possible when they have completed the investigations to enable you make a decision on the findings. To ensure the team conducts a clean investigation free from interference, you may dismiss the two employees for the period of investigation after collecting their accounts regarding the incident.

Don’t be quick to dismiss culprits or suspend an employee for a period of time as the consequence of the allegation since some may have server punishment under the national law. With the facts, you can make the best decision on the right course of action to take if you find out that indeed an allegation was committed. You may also seek guidance from a higher rank in your organisation on the better course of action to take. Also, you may have to meet with the board to decide the actions to take for a higher ranked employees.

Sexual harassment and discrimination allegations are likely to polarize the workplace causing workers to side with either the complaining or accused employee. For sexual harassment allegations, keeping the allegation confidential is essential to avoid damaging the reputation of both the accuser and accused.

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Interesting Research on Companies – What No One Ever Told You